Life Skills

Cocktail (movie) and Mocktails


Residents gathered and watched the movie Cocktail while enjoying “mock” drinks. We made things like virgin strawberry daqueris and pina coladas. This was used as an alternative to going out and drinking and as an educational program.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Blender, ice, frozen drink mixes, snacks, the movie Cocktail, cups, napkins

Other Considerations:

You might consider doing this on […]

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Sobriety Saturday

Name: Matthew W
School: Syracuse University


In order to do this program, there must be a way to filter all incoming residents through the same point. In our case, the RSA security desk directed students to a “sobriety field test.” 3 RA’s were stationed around the lounge at 3 different tests. First came ABC’s where residents […]

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Interviewing Tips

Description: I had one of my Education professors (who is a retired Principal) come in and give a out interviewing tips for any type of interview! He had a handout and students had lots of questions from how to look to whether or not you should negotiate salaries!! This is a great way to […]

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I Know What You Did Last Night

This was the coolest program that we did all year. Everyone who wanted to participate had to sign up ahead of time. Then they all got an identity like, Joe. School Soccer Player. Has slept with three people. Then each day, they get a mystery phone call telling them what they did the night […]

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Vegetarian Cooking

Vegetarian cooking
Social, Physical


Considering not all vegetarians are against meat because of animal cruelty, one could look at environmental factors. Beef and pork consumtion are detremental to the environment on the basis that animal farming is inefficient on our land resources.

Instructions/Things Needed: for recipies
2.definite information that you can get from your college food co-op on […]

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Sexy Scavenger Hunt (Another variation)


A scavenger hunt with a twist! Contestants are grouped in pairs, threes, fours (pairs is easiest) and given sheets that contain safe sex questions, STD questions, and sexual items as well as other objects to be retrieved (this will be explained in the “things needed” section). The pairs have 15-20 minutes to get as […]

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Survival Sewing


Many students don’t know how to sew even a button on or mend things that aren’t really big enough to take to a tailor, so this program will teach the residents how to sew a button on, mend a hem, put on a patch and offer handouts so they can practice later.

Instructions/Things Needed:

one needle […]

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Trivia Night – Received Very Well

This program was received very well by my residents and was full of energy the whole time. The residents were asked split into teams of three, making six teams ( but that is up to you) and asked several trivia questions. I picked a variety of questions but most evolved on common knowledge, unique […]

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This would be a life skills program on dealing with Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness.The program would be called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in the style of the children’s series of books with those titles. The books are about an animal that keeps asking and asking for things, so the main character […]

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    Sex Games

    Description: One program I sorta created was with a fellow RA. We wanted to have a sex education program. We realized that nobody would show if it wasn’t entertaining so I came here to look for ideas. I combined a few programs into one. We had the residents break up into co-ed teams and […]

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