Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead; Crafts


This program was inspired by an article I read about Dia De Los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead (which happens to be the day after Halloween). I found it fascinating that the Mexican culture embraced death as a part of life so much more fully […]

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Lunch with the advocacy offices

Program: Lunchtime with the Advocacy Offices
Human Awareness, Social


Every Tuesday of the semester a different faculty memeber from the advocacy offices here at Colorado State will be coming in to eat lunch with residents in the halls. It will be an informal setting, […]

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Africana Night

Description: Since my floor has many people from Africa, i did a program called “Africana Night”, where i represented all the countires which were on my floor. There was food, music, dances from the countries and this was done by help of residents. The reisdents were clothes to show their dressing style, maps and […]

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The Truth About Stereotypes

Name: Mandy Van Deven
School: Georgia State University
email: gs06alv@panther.gsu.edu Description:

Have residents write down positive and negative stereotypes about social groups(men/women/races/sororities/fraternities/gay and lesbians/feminists) and have an open discussion about why they are commonly thought and what is correct and incorrect about them.


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“Rice Party” Cultural Potluck Social


We have residents from all over the world. We advertised a “Rice Party” and asked that all the residents bring a dish (made with rice) from their country. We put out cards with the name of the dish and who made it. The building staff provided the drinks, plates, cups, etc. I made Rice […]

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Black Blockbusters

Black Blockbusters
Human Awareness


This is really an “add water and stir” program. Each week, during the month of February, which is Black History month all over the country, show movies which feature African-American actors and actresses. To give the program a little more structure, we decided to show the movies in categories. The first week was […]

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Package Party


Send a letter home to the parents of each resident asking them to send a package to the RA for their son/daughter. Everyone loves to get packages at school so send something special and the whole floor will open them together.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Money for stamps and envelopes

Other Considerations:

Make sure to tell the parents not to […]

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Cultural Surprise


I sent letters to all of my residents’ parents explaining that I wanted to do a cultural program on my floor. The letter asked each of the parents to send me a symbol, along with a brief description, of what this symbol means to their child’s culture. I stated how important it was for […]

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Play Doh Diversity Game

Needed:  Play Doh-various colors

Objective:  Express “diversity” via using modeling compounds of different colors while utilizing teamwork/communication skills.

Group will use Play Doh to illustrate diversity by creating their interpretation of diversity.  The group will be given various colors of Play Doh and must explain their “creation” and how it relates to diversity.    The group must […]

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What If the World Was Condensed to 100 People Bulletin Board

“What If The World Was Condensed to 100 People”

Submitted by Kate M at Ball State University

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