Color Your Life and the Lives of Others!


For this program, the residents will color pictures that will be used as door decorations for an area nursing home.

Instructions/Things Needed:

crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils; pictures to color; construction paper; […]

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Phenomenal Women

Instructions_Things_Needed: photos ,paper, markers, tape

Other Considerations:

Name: Chantel Watkins
School: Gardner-Webb University
email: chw0504@gardner-webb.edu


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Open Your Eyes to Islam

This bulletin board was created in efforts to educate students about the true basis of the Islamic Religion. We have had an RA and several residents feel the effects of people’s confusion and anger and sadness. Luckily, no one was physically hurt, but I know they are also feeling scared and confused. Hopefully this […]

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Stop Hate, Teach Tolerance

Stop Hate, Teach Tolerance

Description: This program mainly dealt with hate crimes and the alarming statistics on the number hate crime victims over the past few year. I had a professor from the sociology dept speak about it, and how we […]

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A Different Life: Growing up Gay

Name: Amy
School: College Misericordia


Students fill out six cards which cover the following areas.
A person from your childhood with whom you shared secrets.
The names of your best friends in grade school.
A small valued material possession from your early teenage years.
Your favorite place.
A person who is very close to you.
A goal or dream.
You then ask the […]

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I’m Not Prejudiced, But…

In my opinion, the key to getting residents to attend educational programs (especially diversity programs) is to offer some type of incentive. What better incentive than pizza? I gave residents a slice of pizza when they constructively contributed to our discussion.

Attached to this article you will find a worksheet that will be used to […]

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Black and White: Diversity and Discrimination

It’s Not All Black and White

Description: For our bulletin board of the month for March 2007, we came up with It’s not all black and white, and it was supposed to talk about diversity. You can go anywhere from this idea.

Instructions: What I did what I focused on diversity and discrimination and created slides […]

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Blue Eyes – Brown Eyes


The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, a teacher in a small town in Iowa tried a daring classroom experiment. She decided to treat children with blue eyes as superior to children with brown eyes. “A Class Divided” is a video that shows what those children learned about discrimination and how it […]

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Personality Puzzles

Description: Several white poster boards are cut into large puzzles (about 9 pieces per board) and each resident is given a piece. On the puzzle piece they must write their name and decorate it with things about themselves. It can be things that are fun, like a favorite TV show or ice cream flavor, […]

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    Irish Jigging

    Name: Susie B
    School: Western Michigan University


    A dance teacher from one of our local dance studios in Kalamazoo came and taught a group of students about the history of Irish Jigging and the relation it has to a lot of modern day dances, she then taught the students how to actually do a jig. The […]

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