Interracial Dating Coffee Chat


A small discussion with students and faculty members about interracial dating, especially on college campuses.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Need to have coffee and desserts provided by a catering service or yourself.

Other Considerations:

Try to get a professor or a professional who studies or has a great deal of knowledge on dating and interracial dating in particular. Try to […]

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Hate On Trial


watched a show I recorded on discovery channel about the murder in Waco texas and conducted a educational program with discussion afterwards.
Nef, Delhi College, NY

Instructions/Things Needed:

A Television, recorded program


Name: Nef
School: SUNY Delhi College of Tech

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Standing on the other side of the fence


This is a VERY high risk program for many people. Make sure the facilitator is willing and able to handle mixed and sometimes angry reactions! When Kevin and I facilitated “Standing on the Other Side of the Fence,” it was originally an interactive program about GLBT individuals and the problems they face every day, […]

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Multicultural Food/Music Rooms


Each RA’s room will become a different cultural entity. For instance
The 3rd floor Ra’s may become rooms of European Nations. Each RA’s room will represent 1 or more nations within the European Continent. There will be food / music / art / other cultural aspects of each nation/culture. The residents that are participating will […]

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The Lost Seinfeld


I showed the episode of Seinfeld entitled “The Puerto Rican Day.” This episode has been banned from syndication by NBC, due to some objectionable scenes revolving around the Puerto Rican Flag. The ban came after heavy protesting by the NYC Puerto Rican community, although NBC denies the episode is offensive. After showing the episode, […]

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Day of Silence

Advertise and get residents to sign up to participate. Pick a date and call it the day of silence. The residents who participate cannot speak from 8am to 8pm on the day of silence. They are given cards that read:

Day of Silence Project-“Date Here”

Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I support lesbian, […]

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Holocaust Program

Name: Kristy
School: University of Washington


April has Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to honor this, two things can be done.
This year, we all gathered and watched Schindler’s List. This is a hard movie to watch, but I guarantee you will have a great discussion. We didn’t even have to work at it, people just started talking. […]

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True Beauty

Instructions/Things Needed:
Mirror (I got one for $4 at Wal-Mart)
Pictures from magazines

Other Considerations: Be sure the pictures are well attached, because people may try to take them down (especially on a co-ed hall).

Name: Ashley
School: Stetson University

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VALUES DISCUSSION: Have participants find two people who are wearing the same color as them. Have them find a spot where they can talk together. Instruct them they will be talking about some issues and you will give them new topics every few minutes. Here are some samples:


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Visual and Hearing Impairment Awareness

Description: Give out earplugs to everyone, and explain how to put them in. Load up everyone in the bathroom and shut the lights off. Ask residents how they would go about a routine day if they were blind or deaf. Talk loud enough so that people […]

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