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Trick or Treat Event and Door Decorating Contest


This has been done a bunch of times around campus and is a great idea! It works for us because we are in an urban setting. We invite children from a homeless shelter, or other organization, to Trick-or-Treat in the building. Residents sign up in advance and have candy ready for the children who, […]

Who Stole The Cookie Jar?

Name: Laura
School: University of Illinois at Chicago


Once a week, the entire building gets together in the apartment of one resident. That person bakes fresh cookies for the entire building. It has been a great success and is loved by all.

Instructions/Things Needed:

already made cookie dough, cookie sheets, spatula, hungry stomachs
I passed off the cookie jar, […]

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Vegetarian Cooking

Vegetarian cooking
Social, Physical


Considering not all vegetarians are against meat because of animal cruelty, one could look at environmental factors. Beef and pork consumtion are detremental to the environment on the basis that animal farming is inefficient on our land resources.

Instructions/Things Needed:

1.money for recipies
2.definite information that you can get from your college food co-op on […]

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CPR Basics



To provide residents with the basics of CPR and first aid skills. School Health Center came out and taught CPR.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Have a CPR trained person as speaker
Food and drinks
Room to practice

Other Considerations:

Great program and important information for everyone to know.
A resident who attended said she had no previous experience with CPR but now she […]

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Military Mail

Send Christmas or Valentines letters to military service men/women all over the world through a non-profit organization called Military Mail. There is a cost involved with postage, but at a reduced rate for each card sent.

For detailed information contact the military mail […]

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Pot Party


Have your residents pot flowers. Advertise it as a “Pot Party” and you would be surprised by how many people showed up (usually works best with female residents)

Instructions/Things Needed:

Pots, Seeds (or flowers), paint and paint brushes, dirt, and residents!

Other Considerations:

I heard about this program at an RA conference last year, and the way that […]

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Cookie Craziness


You can team up with another RA to do this program, or, depending on the school, the RLs on your floor. Basically, you buy different types of cookies, white icing, food coloring, and gel. You put the icing into bowls, and create different colors using the food coloring. The residents can have fun decorating […]

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Make Your Own Door Mat!

All of my residents got together and made door mats. We stenciled and painted them with our names and other pictures. This lasted about an hour and now our hallway is more homey and happy looking!

Instructions/Things Needed:

Carpet squares (can be purchased […]

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Cookie Party

I did this event last week and I considered it a huge success. It was simply a free cookies and milk party hosted in my apartment starting at 8pm on a Thursday. I wanted to have it in my apartment so it was convenient for my residents and because it was a relaxed environment. […]

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    Make S’more Friends

    Encourage residents to Make S’more Friends – give each suite or room a box filled with either marshmallows, chocolate bars, or graham crackers. Residents have to go meet a few of their neighbors if they want to make a complete s’mores! Residents then microwave s’mores in the kitchen or in their rooms.



    Mini hershey’s bars, flat square marshmallows, […]