Academic Success

Frustration Piñata


As finals period was approaching, I listed all the ‘pet peeves’ that my residents had at that time on index cards. These annoyances ranged from University Parking Fines to a dreaded required writing course: Expository writing. I also had residents, ahead of time, list their own personal annoyance on index card. I then taped […]

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Stall Academics

To encourage my women to improve their study skills, I posted internet articles in all of the bathroom stalls. The articles dealt with studying, relaxation, taking notes, processing information, etc. This works well because you have a captive audience!!

Lindsay W
Wardall 2, Illinois Street Residence Halls
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Classes to Take, Classes to Skip

Description: I did this both semesters right before class registration took place. This program that allows residents to share what classes they have really enjoyed and which ones they think their fellow students should avoid. Works especially well on floors where the residents are not all in the same class year.

Instructions, Things Needed:
Two large […]

Stress Free Week


A week before midterms or finals when people are stressed out, tell the residents that for one week they can donate non-perishable food items and clothing in your room. when they bring the item give them one ticket. (make sure to keep a tally of how many tickets each person gets). then when the […]

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Student Handbook Jeopardy

Description: Student Handbook Jeopardy

1.) Change the specific text of this powerpoint so that it matches the rules for your college or university
2.) get a projector
3.) act as the host of “Handbook Jeopardy” for your first hall meeting
4.) Divide your hall into teams in order to play
5.) Have a coin toss to determine which team […]

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Feeling Stressed?


bring in a massage therapist and have him/her teach you massage techniques to de-stress yourself and others. this is a Great program to do during finals because everyone is tired and tense and it’s a great way to relax, even if it is only for an hour or so but it really helps when […]

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Mom’s Fridge

Description: Encourage academics on your floor! Mom’s Fridge is a way to promote good grades and for people to show off a bit too. Make a large fridge on white roll paper, ( i like the old fashion simple freezer on top rounded off fridges…) and label it moms fridge. Make some sort of […]

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Finals Week Stress Relief – Stress Free Zone

This was a finals week stress reliever. We set aside a room and had a massage therapist who donated her time to us. When residents came through, they cycled through four different stations. First, they just sat down and talked to one of the RAs involved. Here, they just got a chance to talk […]

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Choose your own adventure

Freshman Transition Program Description: I worked with a group of RA’s on this one… We really wanted to catch our residents’ attention with this program and make them really think about how their choices in college affect them now as well as their future. We each wrote a story (our story or a story […]

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Academic Success Bulletin Board

Microsoft Word File: Academic Success – This simple board can be combined with some academic success brochures from your campus. Simply download, adapt to fit your school (there’s a place where you calculate how much money is lost for every skipped class, so you need to figure that out). Then, simply mount it on construction […]

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