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Have a nice day bulletin Board


This is a great bulletin board idea to motivate your residents and to create a sense of community.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Write the names of your residents on an index card and punch a hole in the middle on the top. Staple the cards to your bulletin board so they make a pocket with the top open. […]

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Easy alternative when you don’t have enough boards

In our hall we don’t have much bulletin board space, so we’ve taken to creating displays with clear contact paper on the hallway walls. This is especially great for the bb’s that encourage residents to respond, by adding to the display. K. Gibson
School: Shenandoah University

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Simply visit the new […]

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Coloring Board

Description: Just put up white butcher block paper and draw a simple picture with black marker. Then, leave crayons out so that your residents can color it in!

Instructions/Things Needed: white paper

Other Considerations: This was a great stress reliever for my residents during finals week. At first they thought it was childish… but soon there […]

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Easy Bulletin Boards Using Calendars or Magazines!

Description: 1) Faces of the Year 200- Buy one of the year end magazines in November, (like People’s most intriguing) and cut out pix of the history makers. Makes a great end-of-year bulletin board.
2) In January, buy a half-priced calendar and […]

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Be a Star Get Involved Bulletin Board

Be A Star – Get Involved Bulletin Board This is a good bulletin board idea for the beginning of the year, especially for incoming freshmen and transfer students. The official title is "Do You Want To Be A Star? Get Involved!" It is […]

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Funny Valentines Day for Singles!

I love Valentines Day! It’s my favorite holiday! I’ve been single for the past 5 Valentines day and this is about to be my 6th! It’s still my favorite holiday! Even being single on this day, for the past 5 years, for an odd reason, people I meet are shocked I’m single. This bulletin board […]

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    Who, Where and What do you Love?

    Description: The idea is to create a Bulletin Board which has every residents name on it in a giant heart with the "who, what, where, that they love most listed on it. For Example:
    Who: Jane Doe
    What: Chocolate
    Where: Italy […]

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    Take a Chance: Kindness Notes

    I printed a ton of “Kindness Notes” and “Kindness Quotes”, cut them up, and distributed them amongst these brightly colored envelopes, which I then pinned to the wall using flat metal thumb tacks. I made sure to print enough so that students could keep the note(s) they chose. With “Take a Chance” written in […]

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    Click here to access the premade bulletin boards


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    Love Yourself- Eating Disorder Awareness Bulletin Board

    Description: Love Yourself – Eating Disorder Awareness

    Instructions: I wanted to do something that focused on Eating Disorder Awareness and V-Day…

    I took V-day fabric and covererd one of our smaller boards. I then went online and printed off related pictures/poems ext. I also contacted ANAD and got some materials from them and our health center.

    I […]

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