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Princess Door Decs

My girls are the princesses of the  building, so I made them door tags that are inspired by Disney Princesses. I made them in PS and simply printed them on photo paper. I bought some glitter cardstock at Hobby Lobby and glued them behind the picture. My girls loved them! 

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    Scrapbook Penguins Door Decs

    I created a cut-out for the outer body, the belly, the nose, and the feet. I glued them all together and added googly eyes for an added touch. I used some scrap booking paper I had, and I mis-matched the paper patterns to make sure that every single penguin was unique!

    This was a very […]

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    Crayon Door Decs

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    Beaches and Encouragement

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    Cute Little Monster!

    I personally don’t like making October all about scary stuff. So in order to still comply with the theme of Halloween, I made cute little monsters for the door decorations 🙂 I made them using construction paper and time! I made 5 of each, so I made the outline for one and I cut […]

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      Ever since Pokemon was available to stream on Netflix, I’ve had a renewed love of the show. I decided for my first set of Door Decs, that I would make different kinds of Pokeballs.

      They are made out of construction paper with a black posterboard backing. I

      wrote my residents’ names on the bottom.

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        Photo Door Tags


        Buy a cheap disposable camera (preferably one with a flash) or use a Polaroid and take pictures of each of your residents. Using glue, two-sided tape, or anything else you can think of, place the developed picture on a construction paper background. Since the picture won’t be as big as the paper, […]

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        Street Sign Doortags

        Description: For my residents’ doortags one month I decided to make individualized street signs with their names, such as “Ashley Rd.” It took a lot of time and effort, but it was well worth it when at the end of the semester, four months later, I saw many of my residents taking theirs home!

        Instructions: […]

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        Mario Brothers Door Decs


        I absolutely LOVE the Super Mario Brothers. I am a new RA here @ UMass Amherst, even though I am a senior. I am very artistic and wanted my first bulletin board to be the best bulletin board I ever did, because I knew as the year would drag on, my quality of work […]

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        Hula doortags


        I googled different images of the dashboard hula dolls! I found traditional Hawaiian ones as well as fun ones like Gumby, Sharks, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, and more.
        I cut them out and glued them to different colored construction paper backgroups.
        Also, don’t forget to add your residents names!!!

        Other Considerations:

        You could do Sports Bobble Heads or […]

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