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A-Team Bulletin Board


This bulletin board is a variation on the already posted “Have You Gone A-Wall?” bulletin board. The residents could post any A’s they got in their classes on the board. Each slip had space for the resident’s name, the class she got the A in, the assignment she got the A on, and a […]

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Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day


The program was based off of the history of valentine’s day as well as David Lettermen’s top ten list from Feb 13, 1995 on why no one wants to be your valentine. The full program is at the bottom of this page.

Instructions/Things Needed:

construction paper
valentine’s decorations
anti valentine’s decorations

Information to cut, past and print out for […]

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Apples to Apples

Description: A fun bulletin board that goes along with the game, Apples to Apples. Intended specifically for first year students, the bulletin board tells residents how to play the game and encourages some community bonding.

Instructions: you will need to get cards from the game to post with the text of the bulletin board. Also, […]

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Study Tips – Frozen Themed

During Finals week I made a bulletin board that gave tips on how to do well and it was frozen themed.

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Food on Campus

Where can I get food around campus?

Description: Simply, where can I get food around campus. College kids in the res halls get sick of the cafeteria food pretty quick. I thought this was a great idea to pick places that were cheap, close to the res halls, and had delivery as an option! 🙂

Instructions: […]

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Super Heroes

Description: This is bulletin board is titled: Tools for a college super hero (with matching door decs)! My main thing was a poster with different tools or items that help college students succeed, like friends, alarm clock, food, calculator, etc. Then I had everyone’s names in a superhero cut out with superheroes all over […]

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Boho Bulletin Board! (Peace & Love)

Fill your hall up with peace and love y simply adding the beauty of nature. Well, a replica of nature at least. To achieve this, I bought about 7 sticks of fake flowers at the Family Dollar store. They were $1 each, very inexpensive! After purchasing, I took the flower heads from each stick (pulled them […]

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Get to know you Bulletin Board

Name: Crystal Masters
School: Appalachian State University
email: cm26075@appstate.edu


I made the first bulletin board of the semester by putting up a map and marking the cities where people were from with pins. Then I made notecards with information about my residents- like […]

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Happy Birthday Casey (Drunk Driving Bulletin Board)

Drunk Driving, Alcohol Awareness, Alcohol Education Bulletin Board Description: About a year ago, I lost a good friend in a drunk driving accident. She had worked with me on state-wode programs to preven our peers from driving under the influence and helped to […]

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Santa Claus Around the World

You don’t have to go as all-out as I did, because that took a long time for me. You can make it simpler by not building the chimney and smoke etc. If you do make yours as cool as mine, I strongly suggest getting friends or fellow RAs to help you out. Just make an […]

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