Team Builders

Ice Blocking

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Name: Michael
School: University of Idaho


This program is a way for you just to get a bunch of residents together at the beginning of the year to get to know each other. First you get the ice blocks and get everyone together. You go to the top of a steep and grassy hill. You […]

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Tag Team Chariot Racing


Every good toga party needs a traditional event. Tag Team Chariot Racing is a team competition. You need enough pairs for as many floors there are in your dorm. For example: 5 floors, ten people, 1 pair per floor.


Book Club Discussions

Name: Mandy
School: Georgia State University

Choose a book per month and bring people together who have read the book to discuss it. Ask them questions about the book like why they liked it, what they got out of it, what they thought of this or that event in the book. Try to choose books with […]

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WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: Tape a blank piece of paper (poster board – kind of like a billboard over the person’s head) on everyone’s back. The members are to write a compliment or positive comment on everyone’s back. At the end of the session, explain that a lot of times we tend […]

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Description: I did this program at the beginning of the year, but I think I should have waited until the middle of the first semester. I handed a list of all the residents out to everyone. Each person wrote one nice thing about every other person, and returned the sheets to me. I complied […]

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Candlelight Vigil

Program: Candlelight Vigil


A candle light service to remember the lives lost in Kosovo. we had guest speakers from the history and political science department come and talk about the history of the Balkan peninsula so there would be a greater understanding of what’s […]

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VALUES DISCUSSION: Have participants find two people who are wearing the same color as them. Have them find a spot where they can talk together. Instruct them they will be talking about some issues and you will give them new topics every few minutes. Here are some samples:


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Community Contract

My first year as an RA was spent trying to get my residents to take individual responsibility for things getting broken on the floor. This year I came up with a solution: The COMMUNITY CONTRACT!

At my first floor meeting for the year, I had all of my residents talk about what problems they could […]

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Poetry Corner

Name: Kurtiss
School: Cambrian College


Get a bunch of people together that read, write, or are interested in poetry. Get everyone to meet in a designated room and have 30 minute sessions reading(everyone gets to read either their work or someone elses. Have 30 min or so of writing as a group. Start off by having […]

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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Description: This project was used a few months into the year, when roomies begin to know each other well enough to be upset with each other sometimes, but also know enough about what makes them happy!

The idea: Each set of roomies will make something or do something nice for each other in a given […]

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