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I went online and pulled out 15 riddles, some easy, some nearly impossible. Then I posted them all over the floor on a Sunday night. The first resident to turn in all 15 answers by Friday, or the resident with the most correct answers on Friday, got a free pizza (donated after one phone […]

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Trivia Night – Received Very Well

This program was received very well by my residents and was full of energy the whole time. The residents were asked split into teams of three, making six teams ( but that is up to you) and asked several trivia questions. I picked a variety of questions but most evolved on common knowledge, unique […]

Seven Elevens

SEVEN ELEVENS: Have group get into a circle on the floor. A volunteer from the circle will start the game by saying, “one.” The person to his or her right counts off the next number loud enough so everyone can hear him/her. The game continues around the circle until the number “seven,” a multiple […]

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Listening Skills Drawings

LISTENING SKILLS DRAWINGS: You will need a piece of paper and a writing utensil for each particpant. You also will need two different diagrams for each pair. Have partners sit back to back and decide who will be the “listener” and who will be the “talker” first. Each will eventually have a chance to […]

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TRAFFIC JAM: Divide the group depending on how many people there are. The groups need to be of even numbers of six, eight, etc. If there is an odd number of people have them help facilitate the activity and them switch off. To set up the game, place marked squares (one more than the […]

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STINGER: Have the group form a circle and close their eyes. Facilitator circles the group and selects a “stinger” by squeezing an individual’s shoulder. The group then opens their eyes and spends time introducing themselves to others while shaking hands (and trying to spot the stinger). The stinger tries to eliminate everyone without getting […]

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Heart Transplant Exercise

Download Heart Transplant Activity (Word)

Hand out Experience
You are a member of a surgical team at the World’s Greatest Hospital. All the patients on your sheets MUST receive a heart transplant or else they will die. There are only TWO hearts available and YOU must decide, from your list, which two patients will be heart-donor recipients. […]

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Silent Puzzle – Group Activity

Needed: Puzzle pieces that form a square

Objective: Use nonverbal communication and teamwork to put a puzzle together. Group members are not allowed to talk to each other as they try to put the puzzle together. When finished, the puzzle will be in the shape of a square.

Group Activity: Chocolate River

Chocolate River

Needed: “s’mores” (brown & white construction paper) and masking tape

Objective: Use teamwork skills to get whole team across the river without losing all of their “s’mores.”

The group must use the s’mores as stepping stones across a boiling hot chocolate river.  If a person steps off the “s’more”, the group loses the step.  […]

Blind Polygon

BLIND POLYGON: The object of the game is for the group to form a perfect square and a triangle (and other shapes if desired) using the given length of rope. Ask participants to put on blindfolds. All participants must have at least one hand on the rope at all times. All […]

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