Stop Hate, Teach Tolerance

Stop Hate, Teach Tolerance

Description: This program mainly dealt with hate crimes and the alarming statistics on the number hate crime victims over the past few year. I had a professor from the sociology dept speak about it, and how we […]

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Description: Pass out applications to be "on the island" of your Residence Hall. Select 2 people to represent each floor from those applications. Every week, at Hall Government, the residents in attendance are able to vote one person off the island via secret […]

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January is National Puzzle Month!

Description: This was an eye catching, fun, and easy bulletin board. All I did was cute out pictures from magazines and glued them onto paper in collage form. Then, I cut it up into different pieces. I put some of the pieces together on the board […]

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Laundry Night

My name is Ashley
Gardner-Webb University
Boiling Springs, NC. My social program for this semester is called Laundry Night. I use the money from my hall budget and use it to give everyone quarters to do their laundry. I provide munchies and games for us to play while we are doing our laundry. We use this […]

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My Tie Night

Ice Breaker / Social Function: My Tie Night. Each male resident turns in one tie to the RA. The RA then takes the ties to a female floor.
The women each choose a tie / date for the night. The couple could merely be paired for dinner at food service, bowling, […]

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Paintball: Residents’ Revenge


Find a paintball field in your local town and go visit them. Talk them into giving you a group discount. Then charge each of your residents the price for one gun. Set the thing up tournament style so that there are different teams. The teams compete against each […]

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Who is your neighbor

Option 1 1. Residents will meet in one location.
2. According to the size of the participants, you should split them up into teams, leaving one resident available to be questioned as the victim.
3. Ask residents if they know the the victim. If they […]

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Last Chance Water Fight

Considerations: Get approval from everyone for this program…we thought we’d be able to use a slip n’slide but we couldn’t. Know your limits. Find out what other events are happening on campus that night. We happened to choose a night that there […]

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Pizza with a catch

Program: Pizza with a Catch
Human Awareness, Social


This is a really cool program that lets residents interact while at the same time dealing with physical disabilities. Great Awareness program!

Instructions/Things Needed:

Pizza (hint: Get it donated) or other […]

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Putting the Pieces together

Description: I’m a new RA and was moving onto a floor that needed a little boost, so I made puzzle piece doortags for each of my residents and then made a bulletin board titled "Putting the Pieces Together". I then made the bulletin board into one […]

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