Community Contract

My first year as an RA was spent trying to get my residents to take individual responsibility for things getting broken on the floor. This year I came up with a solution: The COMMUNITY CONTRACT!

At my first floor meeting for the year, I had all of my residents talk about what problems they could […]

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Poetry Corner

Name: Kurtiss
School: Cambrian College


Get a bunch of people together that read, write, or are interested in poetry. Get everyone to meet in a designated room and have 30 minute sessions reading(everyone gets to read either their work or someone elses. Have 30 min or so of writing as a group. Start off by having […]

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Free Beer… Root Beer floats!

Description: root beer floats works as a good social event and community builder during the first few weeks of school. it brings residents together help them get to know each other

Other Considerations: Advertising by saying “free beer” usually draws a lot of people to the programming.

Vay V
San Jose State University

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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Description: This project was used a few months into the year, when roomies begin to know each other well enough to be upset with each other sometimes, but also know enough about what makes them happy!

The idea: Each set of roomies will make something or do something nice for each other in a given […]

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Color Your Life and the Lives of Others!


For this program, the residents will color pictures that will be used as door decorations for an area nursing home.

Instructions/Things Needed:

crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils; pictures to color; construction paper; […]

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Make your own music video


A just for fun program where people can test their creativity and love of music.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Need at least four video cameras

Split people into teams […]

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Come Hemp With Me

The program consists of telling the story of Hemp. Unique Facts about it and the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. After that you can Make Hemp necklaces or braclets. A wonderful Substance Abuse Program.

Supplies needed are Hemp, Beads, and Sheets that show diagrams to help […]

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Block Party


What I did was take over the hallway. My hallway is shaped like an L and it is difficult to get everyone to interact. So I set up a table right at the bend of the L. I grilled hotdogs on the […]

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MACHINE GAME: The object of this game is to create a machine out of a group of people (i.e. ceiling fan, hot air balloon, watch, etc.). You might want to split your group into two or three smaller groups. Each person is required to be accountable for one noise and one motion […]

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Come Shake Your Lovemaker


This swing dancing program was such a success at our school that it has been repeated four times within three semesters! Each time we contacted experienced swing dancers from a local dance studio, and brought them to our school to instruct about a one-hour dance lesson.

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