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Putting the Pieces together

Description: I’m a new RA and was moving onto a floor that needed a little boost, so I made puzzle piece doortags for each of my residents and then made a bulletin board titled "Putting the Pieces Together". I then made the bulletin board into one […]

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Group Juggling

GROUP JUGGLING: The group starts in a circle formation. The leader of the group will begin with one object in hand (i.e. a small ball). The leader will ask one group member to repeat their name, and then the leader will gently toss the object to that group member. The group member will reply […]

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Whomp ‘Em

WHOMP ‘EM: One person is the “Whomp ‘Em Master.” That individual stands in the middle of circle with the “Whomp ‘Em Sword.” (Could use Styrofoam tube or rolled up tube of newsprint, etc.) The rest of the group sits in a circle with legs out toward center of circle (leaving enough room for person […]

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Motion Name Game

MOTION NAME GAME: Have everyone stand in a circle. Anyone can begin the game by saying his/her name and demonstrating a [physical] motion to go with it. When the person is done, the entire group repeats the name and the motion. Then, the second person (on either side of the first) […]

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Line Name Game

LINE NAME GAME: This game is a variation of the Motion Name Game. Can be played with group of any size. Best if group has more than 10 members. Game begins with group lining up shoulder to shoulder. One member starts off the game by doing a motion across the […]

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BLANKET NAME GAME: Have your group divide itself into two groups. Tell them to sit on the floor facing each other. Hold up a blanket between the groups so that each team can not see the other. A member of each team is quietly selected to move up to the blanket. […]

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ADJECTIVE NAME GAME: The group is formed in a circle, and each group member is required to think of an adjective that describes him/her AND rhymes with the individual’s first name. Each group member will amplify their new creative name, and the rest of the group will repeat that name and all the […]

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Uncle Joe’s Suitcase

UNCLE JOE’S SUITCASE: The group forms a circle. The first person states their name and the reason they picked this college, group, etc. You continue going around the group, repeating the names of the people preceding their name and why they chose to come to . You also can substitute the “why you came […]

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NAME TAG MANIA: Participants are given a name tag and a magic marker. They are asked to print their name on the upper portion of the name tag and then to draw three objects that represent who they are on the bottom portion of the tag. After completing the activity, participants are […]

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