Low Energy Games

"Let’s go to the movies" Bulletin Board

Description: After the Christmas vacation, I heard a lot of people talking about what movies they had seen, so I decided to put a movie survey on my bulletin board. I printed movie images from the internet of aobut 9 of the most popular shows and […]

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Who Owns the Zebra?

Description: This is a very simple and fun bulletin board that I did for my house. It is called “Who Owns the Zebra?” The idea is to solve the puzzle given different hints.

Instructions: What I did was make a grid on my board with a piece of Velcro in each square. Then I made […]

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Bake Off

Description: OUr school is seperated between apratments and dorms. We sent out fliers to all of the apartment residents asking them to bake a treat for the dorm residents to taste. Then we sent out a flier to the dorm residents askign them to come taste the treats the aprtment resident sbaked and to […]

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Are You Falling Ill?

Description: It’s a bulletin board about what to do when you’re sick in SchoolInstructions: you can either print out the tips, or write them out by hand. I used leaves on the bulletin board to add a bit of decoration.

click on image to see a larger copy.

Click here to view the Microsoft Word file

Karen […]

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Jalapeno Eating Contest

Name: Virgel
School: University of Massachusetts Lowell
email: deemexican@yahoo.com


To basic idea is to eat as many of these hot desserts as possible. It is an instant attraction amongst the residents; there’s something about watching your residents cry and drool that instantly […]

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Milk and Cookies with the RD

Name: Carol Sacchetti
School: University of Hartford
email: sacchetti@mail.hartford.edu


Do your Residents know the Resident Director? Does your RD want to work closely with residents, then why not have a fun time doing so

Instructions/Things Needed:

Lots of […]

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Finals Week Stress Reliever

What you need:
1) A massage therapist – offer to pass out their business card or a coupon to all residents that come through. They can also hold a raffle for a free hour massage.
2) At least 4 RAs – One to sign people up, one for each of […]

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Oceans in a Bottle

Program: Oceans in a Bottle


The activity is simple. All you do is make oceans in a bottle. This is a fun activity and best if done around finals as a kind of escape from studying.

Instructions/Things Needed:


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Roommate Game

Description: See this link for more details

This is a program just like the Newlywed game, except you’re dealing with roommates instead on newlyweds.

Instructions Things Needed:

All you have to do is come up with a bunch of questions […]

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LOLLIPOP: Pass out dum-dum lollipops to the group. For every letter that appears in the flavor, the participant has to share something about him/her with the group.

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