Low Energy Games

Super Heroes

Description: This is bulletin board is titled: Tools for a college super hero (with matching door decs)! My main thing was a poster with different tools or items that help college students succeed, like friends, alarm clock, food, calculator, etc. Then I had everyone’s names in a superhero cut out with superheroes all over […]

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Spank the Monkey

Description: Fill a pinata with condoms and candy (especially blow pops), then have your residents come "spank the monkey"

Instructions_Things_Needed: a pinata, preferably a monkey 🙂

Name: Pedro Gomes
School: University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Victoria’s Secret Makeover


At Victoria’s Secret Body, they do free makeovers. I have a predominately male hall (I’m a female RA) and I wanted to do a program to bring the girls on my hall closer together. (My last program was paintballing and most the guys went but no girls)

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TOUCHSTONES: This activity is best done at the end of a group experience. All participants are asked to chose a touchstone (marble or rock if location permits) from a jar, bag, etc. The facilitator then reads the following and gives all participants a copy to take with them to remember their experience:

We […]

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Mock Wedding


Have couples submit a two page essay stating why they think they are a good couple. Choose an essay as a winner. Let the winners plan their own wedding. Include everything: bride, groom, brides maids, best man, flower girl, ring bearer, have a reception and everything. It […]

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Violence and Video Games


When I was a RA I did this program and it worked out surprisingly well. The basic concept was to have several game systems from the Atari of the 80s to the playstation of today. as i showed a game on each system, i discussed with the […]

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LEVITATION: One person will lie on the ground on his/her back, with eyes closed (if they feel comfortable). The rest of the group will place their hands underneath the person lying down. One person will be designated to be the captain, and therefore should place him/herself at the person’s head. Once […]

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Famous RA’s

Description: A bulletin board of famous people who were formerly RA’s. You might be surprised at the faces you see here. Residents love this one. All information was verified by me.

Instructions: It’s pretty self-explanatory: cut out the pictures of the celebrities and match them with their names. The order of the names are in […]

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Wicked About Wicca

Another RA and I had residents gather in our common area around Halloween. We had them give us all of the stereotypes that they could think of about witches. Then, our guest speaker, a student who practices wicca, gave information concerning the facts of wicca and real life witches. This […]

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Trivia Night – Received Very Well

This program was received very well by my residents and was full of energy the whole time. The residents were asked split into teams of three, making six teams ( but that is up to you) and asked several trivia questions. I picked a variety of questions but most evolved on common knowledge, unique […]