Ice Breakers


LOLLIPOP: Pass out dum-dum lollipops to the group. For every letter that appears in the flavor, the participant has to share something about him/her with the group.

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Floor Soundtrack


All the residents on the floor, chooses one song that describes their personality or beliefs. Then we compile all the songs and burn them onto a CD, and label it our floors soundtrack. We then make copies of the Cd’s had […]

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BLINDFOLD LINE-UP: Ask the group to close their eyes and keep them closed for the remainder of the game (if they feel comfortable). You may also use blindfolds. In the bumpers position for protection, ask the group to mill around without talking. After 10-15 seconds, ask them to put stop and […]

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Hall Jousting Championship

This is a great Ice Breaker for a first floor meeting because it forces people to speak and hold hands. First have your residents create two lines facing each other. Next, introductions are nice before you have residents hold hands or you can just instruct them to clasp hands if you like awkward situations. […]

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    “Where are you from?” Icebreaker

    Cut out or print out a map of the United States and have people use their favorite colored marker to mark where they are from.  When doing this icebreaker you can have each person introduce themselves as they mark where they are from on the map.  When doing this I asked them to say […]

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      Ice Blocking II

      Name: Michael Moore
      School: University of Idaho


      This program is a way for you just to get a bunch of residents together at the beginning of the year to get to know each other. First you get the ice blocks […]

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      CROCK-A-DILLY: Group members form a circle sitting cross-legged with their hands on their knees – palms up (right hand should be on top of left hand of person next to you). Members sing the song as one person slaps the hand of the person to his/her left and so on. When the song gets […]

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      MAN OVERBOARD: First the Captain of the ship must explain the directions of the ship to it’s passengers. Starboard means the right side; Port means the left side; Bow means the front; and Stern means the back of the boat. After the Captain has tested the group on the different directions, the Captain yells, […]

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      Chicken, Chicken

      CHICKEN, CHICKEN: This game is very similar to “Bang! Bang!” One person starts by saying (dramatically), “(Clear throat) Chicken, chicken, who’s got the chicken?” Players must guess who has “got” the chicken. In order to have the chicken, player must say phrase STARTING WITH A CLEAR OF THE THROAT. This can be done rather […]

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      STRING GAME: Participants select pre-cut lengths of string from the group facilitator . Each member holds the string between his/her thumb and forefinger. For each “wrap” of the string around the finger, participants must share one thing about themselves.

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