Ice Breakers

Complimentary Breakfast

Description: Have a grab and go breakfast for your residents one day a week for the whole term. Instructions: I used about $20 for my floor for breakfast every Monday for one term. The residents loved it. This is a chance to promote the importance of breakfast and just a way to […]

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Burgers with the Ballers

Description: Three RAs got together and assembled a program to reach out to the area-wide population. The focus of the program was to encourage residents to get to know each other and enjoy camaraderie.

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Annie Zeiler
Clemson University

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What will you do for a dollar?


This social/physical program is a resident competition program played to the style of the game-show Name That Tune. Five contestants out of however many attend are chosen based on their answer to this question, "How many stores are in the […]

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You need to find information about auras, there are many books/websites that not only give basic information but also quizzes for your residents to take to figure out there own aura. After everyone has taken the quiz and learned the color of their aura I took a group picture with black and white film […]

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RA Jeopardy

Description: Fun way for residents to get to know the RAs in the building at the beginning of the year. We had a great turn-out for this and a lot of the residents really got into it!

Instructions: -Come up with categories like Where Are They? (where people are from), Majors, Favorites, All In The […]

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Meet a Neighbor Puzzle Program


Each resident gets a piece of a puzzle.
Each puzzle is made up of about 4 pieces.
Residents go door to door trying to find the other pieces to fit theirs.
After finding the pieces they have a series of questions they need to ask […]

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Microwave Meal: brunch, dinner and dessert

Description: The program’s goal is to teach residents that they are able to cook, even without a kitchen. Also to bring residents together, food tends to help residents open up and feel more comfortable with each other, helping promoting citizenship in the resident halls.

The program teaches how a microwave works and cooking with it […]

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Battle of the Sexes

gender education, social


We split the group into female and male. One RA took the males into one room and i kept the girls in another. We then discussed some questions made up previously. The questions were […]

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Roommate Game

Description: See this link for more details

This is a program just like the Newlywed game, except you’re dealing with roommates instead on newlyweds.

Instructions Things Needed:

All you have to do is come up with a bunch of questions […]

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Sexual Fishbowl


A very simple and fun program. The resident assistants act as facilitators, encourage residents to put questions about sex in the fishbowl (doesn’t need to be a real fishbowl, we used a box with a fish drawn on the side of it). It can be as educational or […]

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