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Ladybug Procreation

DO NOT TRY THIS PROGRAM! (unless you have a VERY understanding RD) Name: Andy Fulenchek
School: Belmont University
email: andyf80@hotmail.com


many garden stores have pint size containers of ladybugs for your garden (i guess bugs help plants or something) so with […]

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Pizza Man Races

Description: Basically this is a pizza party for your floor, but to make it more interesting there will be pizza delivery man races. First, get everyone together so that they can all be in on the fun, then have several residents call up […]

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Rock Climbing

Program: Rock ClimbingDescription: Day at the climbing gym! Rent out the local climbing gym for 2 hours and have a blast! What you need:
1) Get info from the gym on group rates, times, etc
2) Transportation to and from – To avoid liability, you might just give people […]

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End-of-semester Jello Fight

This is a program that my RA and the other female RA’s on campus did my
freshman and sophmore year and it is a tradition that will be carried on through the Res. life program for years to come. What’s needed:

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ELBOW TAG: Everyone gets a partner and hooks elbows. The pairs spread out around the designated playing area. Two individuals are chosen to be it. One will be the chaser, the other being chased. The person being chased may hook elbows with any pair at any time. The member of the pair at the […]

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BACON AND EGGS: In a sitting position in a circle, designate one person to be “it.” Go around the circle and tap each person on the head and say “bacon” each time. When “it” says, “eggs,” that person that got tapped must run the opposite way. When they meet together, they must stop, shake […]

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Final Exam Scream

Final Exam Scream!


To help resident cope with the stress of final exams, the Final Exam Scream gives them 5-10 minutes to make as much noise as they want. This includes screaming, blasting stereos, playing musical instrument,
and etc.


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So You Think You Know Your Roommate?

This event is game-show styled that is based off of the Newlywed Game. I have done this event two years in a row and it has always turned out to be a success! I hold this event in the first semester, about a month after school starts so that it gives the residents some […]

India Dance Night

Description: I asked a freind of mine who does traditional Indian dance to come in and teach my hall an Indian dance to some Indian pop music. then afterwords we ate homemade curry, lentils, and rice that my co-ra and I prepared. and then watched a Bollywood film


-find a dance instructor in Indian dance […]

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CAPTURE THE FLAG: The playing area is divided in half; at each right-hand rear corner is a rectangle that is known as the jail or prison (you could also use a goal if on a soccer field). The group is divided into two teams. Each team should decide where to place their flag (a […]

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