March Planning Guide

This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the ResidentAssistant.com. For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature.

Programming Ideas for March

Contents of this March Planning Page:

Programming around the calendar
Student Issues (issues […]

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Who are your words hurting?

I gave my RA’s  the topic of diversity for their bulletin boards. I decided I would do a board based on inclusive language as well to contribute to their boards.

See mic

Editor’s note: Were you inspired by this program? Please share your photo with us! Be sure to download the Microsoft word file with all the […]

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Men’s health bulletin board (November)

Men’s health bulletin board with information about prostate cancer, no shave November and how to perform a testicular self exam.

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    Flyers Galore

    Hey Everyone,

    I am a Programming Resource Assistant and so glad I found this site. Not only will it allow me to further my programming skills but also share some of the things I have learned along the way. Check out some of these flyers and I will be adding the programs and how to […]

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    Instagram Theme for an APPsolutely Amazing Year

    For my first bulletin board and initial hallway decor, I made an Instagram-themed board for our Instagram-themed floor (each floor in my building, Pardee Tower, was a different social media platform). This is a giant replica of an iPhone 5S displaying the Instagram account I made for my floor, @Pardee411 . The time on […]

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      History of Bras – Bulletin Board

      Bras Bulletin Board Download (MS Word) A history of the bra throughout modern time. Little known facts.

      Editor’s note: This bulletin board is meant for a female floor, and would be inappropriate to put on a male or coed floor. (Yes, this was done by someone and their hall director emailed us :-))

      Created by Angie D
      N. Arizona […]

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      Dangers of Sleep Deprivation! (Bulletin Board)

      The Walking Dead: Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

      October… October… Half way through the semester and I bet atleast half of the people on your campus have pulled an all nighter! Well my bulletin board talks about the dangers of sleep deprivation! Check out the info on the internet and draw a portrait of your residents […]

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      15 Life Lessons you learn from OITNB

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      Roommate Game (Complete program with flyers)

      Program Title: “The Roommate Game” or “The Newly Roommie Game”

      This program is done in a game show format. It is inspired by the show “The Newlywed Game,” this program is a great way to promote positive roommate relationships and build community

      Roommate Game Program with Questions (MS WORD)

      Read an article on successful program planning


      This program […]