Sample Flyers

So You Think You Know Your Roommate?

This event is game-show styled that is based off of the Newlywed Game. I have done this event two years in a row and it has always turned out to be a success! I hold this event in the first semester, about a month after school starts so that it gives the residents some […]

Mandatory Floor Meeting Sign

“Mandatory” Floor Meeting Sign (SIGN – MS Word) Make sure your residents KNOW about your first floor meeting. This sign encourages them to contact you if they ABSOLUTELY can’t make it, because they will be responsible for the information provided.

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Roommate Game (Complete program with flyers)

Program Title: “The Roommate Game” or “The Newly Roommie Game”

This program is done in a game show format. It is inspired by the show “The Newlywed Game,” this program is a great way to promote positive roommate relationships and build community

Roommate Game Program with Questions (MS WORD)

Read an article on successful program planning


This program […]

Trick or Treat for Canned Goods

Trick or Treat for Canned Goods – (optional titles… “Trick or Treat for a Good Cause…” “Scary Charity…” Be creative!
You and your interested residents dress up for Halloween to go trick or treating for canned goods. The food items collected will be donated to the local foodbank. If you don’t have a foodbank […]

Helpful Documents (Survey, Meeting Outline & Signs)

Survey: (CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY TEMPLATE IN MS WORD) Great way to get to know your residents’ interests and needs. This is a MUST for planning programming. It can also help you connect residents with others who have similar interests.
Floor Meeting Outlines: (CLICK HERE FOR FLOOR MEETING OUTLINE IN MS WORD) This outline can help you think about […]

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Karaoke (Including Flyers)

Program Title: Be creative! Consider using a currently popular music themed show such as American Idol, The Voice, etc.
Ideas could include . “The (Hall Name) Voice,” “(Your Hall) Idol,” “Say What Karaoke,” or “Karaoke Jam.” Brainstorm and come up with a catchy name.
Description: This is a great program to build community and bring […]