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RA Unions

This article, while written in 2000 may provide relevant food for thought on this issue. If exploring this issue on your campus, we would advise further research on the schools where RAs have unionized as there is much more information now then there was when this article was published.

Reports of intense RA dissatisfaction have […]

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2015-16 Rehire Presentation

Hello there!

I just got back from my rehire interview and I rocked it!

We had to give a presentation and I was told I should post my presentation here to share!

So, here it is! The story of Sam’Ra the Knight of North Hall.

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RA Resume Builders Examples

The RA job has an amazing number of “transferrable skills” that you will be able to apply in any career or job in your future!

This page is intended to help you leverage this experience during job interviews and on your resume.

Sample RA Resume Descriptions…
RESIDENT ASSISTANT University of Arizona Tucson, AZ

Provided paraprofessional advising to undergraduate […]

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Becoming a Graduate Hall Director

Successfully managing the transition from RA to RHD

“I’ll be a graduate hall director next year. The only difference between being a resident assistant and being a grad is having more one on ones and having judicial conduct hearings to attend.”

This is a real statement that a student who was considering going to graduate school […]

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