Building Community

This article addresses the personal concerns of being a Resident Assistant and some concrete ways of developing a more well-rounded community within a Residental Hall.

Written by Andrew Cassens – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

In May of the 1999/00 academic school year, I was offered a position as a Resident Assistant here at Oregon […]

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Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

If you ever played a sport like football or basketball, you have heard halftime talks (or tirades) from a coach during that brief break in the action. Whether the score was in your favor or you were deep in a hole, the message always seemed to contain some of the same principles; “don’t quit,” […]

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Being a Senior RA – Beating the Slump!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a productive and fun first part of the semester. If you’re like me, when you started in August, you were probably ready to jump right into the new year. However, now that it’s already the middle of October, you may be feeling the senior RA slump. “What’s […]

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Laundry Room Solutions!

Do you have an issue with students leaving their laundry past the time in machines? Do their peers get frustrated with them? Are there piles of clean laundry on the floor and a line of angry residents outside your office? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

To alleviate this issue, I have my RAs do a […]

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Just Another Day

Excerpt from “InspiRAtion for RAs”

Each morning as I roll from bed
I wonder what will lie ahead
What will I face out there today?
Welcome to the life of an RA.

Tornado warnings, fire drills
Someone who took a chance with sleeping pills
Broken glass and broken hearts,
Roommate friendships torn apart.

Another party down the hall
Another game of floor football
“Hey who […]

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Legal note on showing movies

Editor’s note: Following are two very old submissions to the site (the video cassette comment may have given this away) 🙂 If you have updated information about this topic, please provide it in the comments!

One discusses the ramifications of using a rented movie for “Public performance,” and the other has information about a service […]

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ABCs for RAs

The ABCs for RAs – by Dan Oltersdorf

A- Ask for help! You aren’t alone, and you probably aren’t the expert. Utilize the resources on your staff, in your hall and on your campus. Think of yourself as an “Referral Agent.” Know when to refer and who to refer to!

B- Balance is very important. Remember […]

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The ABC’s of Programming: It’s as easy as P.I.E.

The ABC’s of ProgRAmming – It’s as Easy as “P.I.E.” Dan Oltersdorf –

Programming is a very important part of the RA position. Programming assists in building community on your floor, educating residents about important issues, and helping them be more socially, academically, and personally successful.

This article focuses on the basics of successful programs. […]

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How I dealt with a suicide attempt in my floor community

I had a resident on my floor attempt suicide about half way through the fall semester of this year. One thing that is very important to do is to talk to the residents that are involved. They may feel “weird” when it comes to daily interactions with the suicidal resident. I have had to […]

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Some notes on programming

Program, program, program!!

As you probably realize, programming is an essential part of the RA position. It is through programming, both formal and informal, that you will connect with your residents and build those critical relationships. It will help your residents in many areas of their development.

Following are programming ideas divided into several categories. These […]

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