Interview with Dr. M. Lee Upcraft

RA Success
M. Lee Upcraft of Penn State University has authored several books in the area of student affairs and is a nationally recognized authority in higher education with over 40 years of experience. Here he has answered some questions about success as an RA.

Q. First year college students face a wide variety of challenges, […]

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Confronting Negative Behavior

Q. Unfortunately, part of the RA job is confronting negative behavior. This can be a tough role to take on, especially since the relationships we have with the residents are so important. What are some suggestions you have for these conforntations?

A. Treat residents with respect..but realize that their opinion of you is not a […]

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Coping With Loss

Thoughts on 9/11 and Coping With Loss
by Dr. Will Keim

*Editor’s Note: Dr Keim provided this article after the tragic events on September 11, 2001. The content of his article remains true for any situation involving loss and grieving.

As I have traveled this Fall to my appointed duties, students across America have been thinking, talking, […]

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5o Mistakes RAs should try to avoid!

Here are some common mistakes RAs make compiled by experienced RAs and res life professionals. Read and learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t make them yourself!

Starting strong, finishing weak and also vice versa, starting weak thereby making future enforcement difficult
Lack of social life… becoming too overwhelmed in the job
Trying to do too much […]

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Sample Floor Meeting Outline

Sample Floor Meeting Outline (MS Word) This outline can help you think about how you want to run your first floor meeting. You obviously need to use whatever is given to you by your supervisor, but if you still need additional structure or ideas, this document may help!

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Tough Situations – SCIXW

Q. What is the toughest situation you have had to deal with as
an RA, and how did you do it?

A. I had a resident come to me with a family situation that encompassed nearly every heinous thing you can imagine. She had never told anyone before and could, literally, barely get the words out. […]

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Interest and needs survey (MS Word) Great way to get to know your residents’ interests and needs. This is a MUST for planning programming. It can also help you connect residents with others who have similar interests.

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Top Ten Things Every RA Should Know

Q – What are the top 10 things every RA should know?

Residence Life Professional Answers:

Gregg’s TOP TEN Things to Know/Remember as a Resident Assistant!
10. Make time for yourself.
9. Know the name of each resident on your floor.
8. Program based on the needs of your residents.
7. Document all incidents that occur (depression, alcohol, visitation, ect.)
for […]

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Qualities Of Effective Leaders

Being an RA is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Check out the following list and evaluate where you are and what you want to work on as you look forward to the school year ahead.

The Student Activities Leadership Institute at Seminole Community College in Sanford, Florida, came up with the following […]

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Leading By Listening

“You’re not listening to me.”
“Did you even hear a word that I said?”
“You’re missing the point.”
“Why do I even bother trying to communicate with you?”
If you have half a pulse, and you’ve actually interacted with other human beings, then you’ve either uttered some of these words to someone in total frustration, or worse, someone […]

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