Building Community

Tropical Princess Party

End of the Year Celebration with my residents (all freshman)We played games, socialized, and ate snacks.I called it a tropical princess party because I thinking outside the box and marketing it with tropical princess party was a success because everyone showed up. We used a study room. Before everyone left everyone had a cupcake and […]

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    Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood

    Description: The goal of Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood is to create a community. Participants are assigned an I.D. tag with one of the following labels: African-American, Native-American, Latino/Latina, Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Jewish/Women/Disabled/Caucasian. Each participant is asked to please go to their designated area on the floor (areas are designated according to i.d. tags). At each area there will […]

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    Sample Floor Meeting Outline

    Sample Floor Meeting Outline (MS Word) This outline can help you think about how you want to run your first floor meeting. You obviously need to use whatever is given to you by your supervisor, but if you still need additional structure or ideas, this document may help!

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    Interest and needs survey (MS Word) Great way to get to know your residents’ interests and needs. This is a MUST for planning programming. It can also help you connect residents with others who have similar interests.

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    Building Community

    This article addresses the personal concerns of being a Resident Assistant and some concrete ways of developing a more well-rounded community within a Residental Hall.

    Written by Andrew Cassens – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    In May of the 1999/00 academic school year, I was offered a position as a Resident Assistant here at Oregon […]

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    Laundry Room Solutions!

    Do you have an issue with students leaving their laundry past the time in machines? Do their peers get frustrated with them? Are there piles of clean laundry on the floor and a line of angry residents outside your office? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

    To alleviate this issue, I have my RAs do a […]

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    The ABC’s of Programming: It’s as easy as P.I.E.

    The ABC’s of ProgRAmming – It’s as Easy as “P.I.E.” Dan Oltersdorf –

    Programming is a very important part of the RA position. Programming assists in building community on your floor, educating residents about important issues, and helping them be more socially, academically, and personally successful.

    This article focuses on the basics of successful programs. […]

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    Some notes on programming

    Program, program, program!!

    As you probably realize, programming is an essential part of the RA position. It is through programming, both formal and informal, that you will connect with your residents and build those critical relationships. It will help your residents in many areas of their development.

    Following are programming ideas divided into several categories. These […]

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