Dealing with the topic of Suicide

As with any major student issue or concern, it is IMPERATIVE that you communicate with yoru supervisor if you think you have a resident who is considering suicide. Remember, you are not a professional! The following is a guideline, but always remember your job is to REFER!

Many RAs, including myself, have been faced with […]

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Resident or Friend?

The role of a resident assistant often requires a lot of discretion and “dirty work.” It is not a glamorous job, and many do not want to have to deal with the daily chores of being an RA. On the opposite side, this job has many benefits. One of the benefits of this position […]

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Dealing with the death of a resident

In the early part of this school year, I was called into my Hall Director’s office to recieve some bad news. One of my residents, Curt, had died in a car accident that monday morning. He forgot his laundry from the weekend, and decided to drive home before his afternoon classes to get it. […]

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Dealing with the aftermate of a Suicide

Last semester was my first semester as an RA. I had a floor of 67 coed first-year students. Late in the year, one of my residents, who had become a friend of mine, killed himself. I found him in his room within 2 hours after he hung himself. It was […]

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Starting the 2nd Semester Right

What do you think are some ways to get started on the right foot in the second semester?

A bit of advice that I think would be helpful for you to think about at the start of the new semester is to sit back for a moment and evaluate your floor from the previous semester. […]

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Confidentiality – Respecting Your Residents

One thing that’s important to remember in any job that you do is to treat your customer with respect. As members of Hall Staff, our customers are the residents. One of the best ways to respect our residents is to demonstrate confidentiality. I’ve found that this is an area the paraprofessional staff as well […]

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Tropical Princess Party

End of the Year Celebration with my residents (all freshman)We played games, socialized, and ate snacks.I called it a tropical princess party because I thinking outside the box and marketing it with tropical princess party was a success because everyone showed up. We used a study room. Before everyone left everyone had a cupcake and […]

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    Critical Incidents – Response and Reaction

    It is something that Residence Life staff everywhere hope never to have to deal with, yet the threat is real. RA training touches upon it barely, if at all. What I talk about is a critical incident, not somewhere else or even off-campus, but right in the residence halls. A tragedy in our homes.

    Let […]

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    How to balance being an RA with academic obligations

    Q. Balance is tough when you are an RA. Balancing RA responsibilities and school can be tough enough, but when you throw other things into the mix, as many of us do, it makes it even harder. What are some suggestions you have for helping RAs stay balanced?

    A. Get involved in a campus or […]

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    Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood

    Description: The goal of Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood is to create a community. Participants are assigned an I.D. tag with one of the following labels: African-American, Native-American, Latino/Latina, Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Jewish/Women/Disabled/Caucasian. Each participant is asked to please go to their designated area on the floor (areas are designated according to i.d. tags). At each area there will […]

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