Program: Candlelight Vigil


A candle light service to remember the lives lost in Kosovo. we had guest speakers from the history and political science department come and talk about the history of the Balkan peninsula so there would be a greater understanding of what’s going on over there and also to give us a chance to meditate on how we feel. One of our RA’s (who planned the program) is from Macedonia and he’s going home for the summer, he spoke about his feelings and how the war is affecting him. We also had another RA sing and play the guitar as we lit our candles in remembrance. We also accepted donations (food, toiletries, blankets…etc) to send over there. The food service company has boxes all over the campus for all students (not just residents) to place their donations.

Instructions/Things Needed: candles: do it outside…we had last minute weather problems and had it in the lobby (this was a special exception to our no candles policy) someone who can sing peaceful and meditative songs white ribbons to wear in recognition of peace several guest speakers from the appropriate departments: most professors are more than happy to come and participate Other Considerations:

be sure that the weather will be good or find an indoor place that allows candles

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