What I did was take over the hallway. My hallway is shaped like an L and it is difficult to get everyone to interact. So I set up a table right at the bend of the L. I grilled hotdogs on the George Forman grill, had potato chips, and cookies. I put games (i.e. Twister, Taboo) on the floor through out my hallway, had an area where they could paint, and I had different rooms play different kinds of music so that there was music everywhere. As an incentive to come, I told them they could win a free pizza. I made up a game based on what I knew about each of my girls. I put a fact about them and left a blank next to it. The girl to get the most names on her sheet would win the pizza. About 50% of my residents came, they were all talking and meeting new people, and it was a real success

Instructions/Things Needed:

Food (whatever kind you want)
Things to entertain the residents
Whatever else you can thing of to make the atmosphere of you hallway a fun place to be Jessica
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