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March Planning Guide

This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the ResidentAssistant.com. For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature.

Programming Ideas for March

Contents of this March Planning Page:

Programming around the calendar
Student Issues (issues […]

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February Planning Guide

Programming Ideas for February

Contents of this February Planning Page:

Student Issues (issues around which to program based on typical seasonal student needs)
Program Ideas & Links
February Calendar
Useful articles & resources

Issues Students May Face In the Month of February

As you plan your programs, keep in mind that there are “seasonal student issues” that you can program around. […]

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Example of a Roommate Agreement Form

This form can be good to give to your residents at the beginning of the semester, or to adapt and use for roommate mediation. If you want a Microsoft Word file of it, Click here, and save it to your computer.

NOTE: This is an extremely simple form. Your institution probably has one that is […]

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4,000,000 Visits. 400,000 Hours.

It is very exciting for me to be posting here on the brand new ResidentAssistant.com. I started this site when I was an RA at Colorado State University in 1998. The idea then was to create a space that allowed Resident Assistants (RAs) and student housing professionals to share ideas and get resources to […]

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Cool People Wear Jumpsuits

It can be a challenge to balance customer service and directing behavior. In student housing, this rings especially true. A primary goal in student housing is to create a positive environment conducive to personal growth, social connections and academic success. In order to make this happen, policies and standards must be established and maintained […]

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How Good Are You in Bed? (Bulletin Board)

Fun idea for a bulletin board. “How Good Are You In Bed?” with tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. You could also include some educational information on the value of sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation. (Try a search for “Tips for getting a good night’s sleep”) 🙂


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Songs for groups

This is a large collection of songs previously submitted to the site. If you have audio or video of fun group songs, please submit it!


Alice the camel has 5 humps

Alice the camel has 5 humps

Alice the camel has 5 humps, so go Alice go

Boom boom boom


Song continues counting down.     […]

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Who would you hire?

FACILITATOR’S EXERCISE OUTLINE (Download entire exercise including candidate descriptions, group worksheet: Who would you hire? )

RA Selection Committee Exercise – Whom would you hire?
Exercise Description
The candidate group will be asked to imagine that they are members of the RA Selection Committee.  Their task is to select two(2) staffs of 3 RAs each from the candidates […]

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The Meaning of RA (Training or Selection Activity)

























Your group will be given 10 minutes to think of words that describe what they feel a Resident Assistant is according to the letters in the words.  For example, R could represent responsible, E could represent encourager, etc.  After you finish each group will be asked to […]

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The “Perfect RA” Group Interview Process Activity

Materials needed:  6′ piece of butcher paper (one for each group), markers, masking tape


Tape butcher paper to the wall.  Have group members introduce themselves.  Ask someone from the group to stand against the wall and trace their outline.  Explain the RA position and ask members of the group what they think are characteristics of […]

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