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“Where are you from?” Icebreaker

Cut out or print out a map of the United States and have people use their favorite colored marker to mark where they are from.  When doing this icebreaker you can have each person introduce themselves as they mark where they are from on the map.  When doing this I asked them to say […]

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    Crayon Door Decs

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    Don’t “Bee” Afraid Bulletin Board

    This is a great bulletin board for the beginning of the year, as a way of welcoming your new residents and providing them information on their new school and/or city!  My school is located in Arlington, VA, right next to Washington DC so I had information about the school and a metro map!

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      The Giving Tree Themed Bulletin Board

      Supplies Needed:Dark Green Paper – for tree and leavesLight Green Paper – for backgroundRed Paper – for applesWhite Paper – for lettersScissorsApple Die Cut (or you can print out a picture of an apple and use it as a template – I have attached a picture of an apple)Letter Die CutsStapler with lots of […]

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