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It’s On Us

ResidentAssistant.com is proud to announce that we have partnered with It’s On Us, and we challenge you to educate your residents and get them to sign the It’s On Us Pledge.

This pledge is a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault. It is a promise not to be a […]

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November Planning Guide

This monthly planning guide is a supplement provided by ResidentAssistant.com to help you with your residence life planning. For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature.

Contents of this November Planning Page:

Student Issues (issues […]

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Celebrate the holidays by helping others

Invite your residents and residents in other dorms to express there creativity through pumpkin carving.  Donate your carved pumpkins to a local elementary school or preschool.  The expressions on the faces of the children are priceless (even if your pumpkin wasn’t exactly a work of art).

Many of our residents are unable to go back […]

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Turkey Toss: Residence Hall November Program

Erin H
School:  Westminster College


To take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday as a great opportunity for my hall to get together, I came up with a fun activity to precede our Thanksgiving dinner.  I wrapped a 11 pound turkey in plastic wrap (to protect it) and took my hall out to the quad of our campus […]

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Gathering Bowl – Thanksgiving Program


Because November is also the month for Thanksgiving, it is a great time to get your residents together to share what they are thankful for, while sharing a snack.  A very easy program to do for this is to have each resident bring about one cup of some sort of snack that would be […]

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Giving Thanks – Interactive Bulletin Board

Residents submit paper turkeys on which they can express their thanks for something or someone and you then post them on a bulletin board or a central place on the hall.

**A fun idea for November**
Before beginning the program, type up a flier that explains the program and distribute it to each resident or each […]

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Ebola Res Life Resource Center

In an effort to facilitate informed discussion about this issue on residential college and university campuses, we decided to create an Ebola resource page and invite users to post your suggestions as well as resources from your campuses, educational initiatives, or other information.

According to health officials, the risk of contacting Ebola without direct and […]

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Consumerism and Buy Nothing Day

Consumerism and Buy Nothing Day – Consumerism and Buy Nothing Day (Held in North America the day after Thanksgiving – more info…).

Publisher 97 file, PDF and a Word file with just the text.

buy nothing day PDF

buy nothing day DOC

consumerism (Zipped Publisher File)

Information on “shopaholics”, environmentalism, and other topics.

Compiled by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

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