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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Starting on Sunday I gave them a task to complete that revolved around a Random Act of Kindness. Ideas can be found everywhere (google, pinterest, and other websites). An example is, WRITE YOUR FAVORITE QOUTE ON A PIECE OF PAPER and SLIDE IT UNDER SOMEONE’S DOOR ON YOUR FLOOR.

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    Tropical Princess Party

    End of the Year Celebration with my residents (all freshman)We played games, socialized, and ate snacks.I called it a tropical princess party because I thinking outside the box and marketing it with tropical princess party was a success because everyone showed up. We used a study room. Before everyone left everyone had a cupcake and […]

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      Nautical Floor Themed Decorations

      Floor Decorations #Nautical #FloorDecoration #Sailing #Classy #Decorations #Freshman #Halloween #FloorTheme #FloorThemeDecoration

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        Message in Bottle

         My floor was Nautical Themed. This was a bulletin board that I created. Message in a Bottle: Write a message to your daughter to wish her GOOD LUCK this Semester! This can be done at the start of each semester (FALL/SPRING)The message in the bottle  is from me and then everyone else added their message […]

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          “You Don’t Have to Try”

          Program Focus: Respect Each Other-CivilityActive program. Est. time- 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hoursCollaboration with another floor (Est. 50-60 residents came)This focuses on the Respect Each Other Civility pillar because this program is about accepting yourself for your natural beauty; empowering others to accept their natural beauty as well; and […]

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