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Do it in the sand

Name: Nicole
School: Southwest Missouri State University


Do it in the Sand was a program used to promote recycling while having lots of fun. Students put colored sand into glass or plastic bottles to form some sort of sand creation. After the sand was put into the bottles, the students decorated the bottles with fuzzy balls, […]

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World’s Largest Crossword

World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle


This is simple, make a huge crossword with the names of all of the residents in the hall. Place it in the lobby with markers attatched.Name: Hill
School: University of Wyoming

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Beauty Care – Makeovers!


A representative from Mary Kay (a janitor of an area dormatory) is coming to show the residents the importance of make up and the ways to apply and the reason that each one works. She is given questionnaires about the skin types of the residents. Then she brings the appropriate materials. Nothing needs to […]

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Multicultural Food/Music Rooms


Each RA’s room will become a different cultural entity. For instance
The 3rd floor Ra’s may become rooms of European Nations. Each RA’s room will represent 1 or more nations within the European Continent. There will be food / music / art / other cultural aspects of each nation/culture. The residents that are participating will […]

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College is a trip

Description: I put “College is a trip….Where are you going?”
on the bulletin board. In the middle, I centered a huge license plate with “YOUR LIFE” as the name, the college as the state, the school year as the tags, and the floor in the opposite corner. At the very bottom of the board I […]

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Who Stole The Cookie Jar?

Name: Laura
School: University of Illinois at Chicago


Once a week, the entire building gets together in the apartment of one resident. That person bakes fresh cookies for the entire building. It has been a great success and is loved by all.

Instructions/Things Needed:

already made cookie dough, cookie sheets, spatula, hungry stomachs
I passed off the cookie jar, […]

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Smooth Your Life


This is a program to promote eating healthy and is excellent for finals week, or stressful semesters. We stand in the lobby (three of us) make fruit smoothies. A description will be given on how to do so. Basically, this is an awesome program because #1, it is easy for the RA’s to do […]

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Internet Addiction/Internet Dating

Description: To address the growing issue of internet addiction on college campuses, all of the RA’s on campus did similar bulletin boards and shared information. We put up symptoms of addiction, quizzes, general information, websites to visit, where to get help, ideas for alternatives to the internet for free time, etc. Because it is […]

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The Lost Seinfeld


I showed the episode of Seinfeld entitled “The Puerto Rican Day.” This episode has been banned from syndication by NBC, due to some objectionable scenes revolving around the Puerto Rican Flag. The ban came after heavy protesting by the NYC Puerto Rican community, although NBC denies the episode is offensive. After showing the episode, […]

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Pizza Bagels

Its easy and fun….MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA BAGELS…..the name says it all….get any kind of topping….and have your residence go to town

Name: Doug
School: Penn State Berks

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