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Passive Program: (Bathroom stalls)

Description: In each bathroom stall, I put a up a piece of paper with a different question. The girls got to answer the question and comment on other’s answers.

Instructions/Things Needed: a good size piece of paper, a pencil, a string to tie the pencil in place with, tape, and questions.

Other Considerations: […]

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Bored Board

Name: Alex B
School: Colorado State University


This is a simple program. Just print out a list of things to do around
your campus. Many people get bored because they don’t know what’s around them. Here is my list;

Rock climbing
Jet skiing
White water rafting
Tree climbing
Bird watching
Roller Hockey
Tai Chi
Hop Scotch
Sight seeing
Boulder hopping
Climb Horsetooth Rock
Frisbee Golf
Frisbee Football
Card games
Sun tan
Listen to a […]

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RA Unions

This article, while written in 2000 may provide relevant food for thought on this issue. If exploring this issue on your campus, we would advise further research on the schools where RAs have unionized as there is much more information now then there was when this article was published.

Reports of intense RA dissatisfaction have […]

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Poetry Reading


We invited residents to come to our lounge to read poetry: theirs or just poems they felt connected to. Poetry is such a great way to express yourself, and you don’t even have to be a poet to enjoy it! So all our residents had a fab time. We turned off the lights in […]

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Gutter Splits

Here at Appalachian State University we do this thing called “Gutter Splits” where you get a gutter from the hardware store and line it with tin foil. Then you fill it up with ice cream, bananas, chocoloate syrup, whipped cream, nuts…whatever you want…and then each resident gets a spoon and digs in! It’s an […]

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Theme songs

Description: Name that theme song

Instructions: Cut out each set of lyrics and post them on the bulletin board. Then get a piece of construction paper and tape it as a flap over the answer sheet so that people would have to lift the construction paper up to get the answers. Its fun to quiz […]

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Weather Board

Bowling Green State University

Description: This is an easy board if you are good at updating. It is simply a chart of what the weather will be like in your area for the day. It can be as basic or elaborate as you want.

Instructions, Things Needed: Roll Paper or poster board Construction paper for weather […]

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Beach Scene Party


We threw a beach party for residents as part of a “beating the winter blues” theme week. We had beach type music, food including tropical fruits, mocktails (nonalcoholic mixed drinks), and hot dogs cooked in the fireplace. There was also a costume contest for the best dressed for the Carribean. Another contest to consider […]

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Standing on the other side of the fence


This is a VERY high risk program for many people. Make sure the facilitator is willing and able to handle mixed and sometimes angry reactions! When Kevin and I facilitated “Standing on the Other Side of the Fence,” it was originally an interactive program about GLBT individuals and the problems they face every day, […]

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Frustration Piñata


As finals period was approaching, I listed all the ‘pet peeves’ that my residents had at that time on index cards. These annoyances ranged from University Parking Fines to a dreaded required writing course: Expository writing. I also had residents, ahead of time, list their own personal annoyance on index card. I then taped […]

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