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Going Home Dinner


This is best at either the beginning or end of a semester when people are most likely to be thinking about home. The idea is that everyone who is interested contributes a recipe for one of their favorite foods that they look forward to eating once they go back home- a family favorite if […]

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Trick or Treat Event and Door Decorating Contest


This has been done a bunch of times around campus and is a great idea! It works for us because we are in an urban setting. We invite children from a homeless shelter, or other organization, to Trick-or-Treat in the building. Residents sign up in advance and have candy ready for the children who, […]

Ice Blocking

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Name: Michael
School: University of Idaho


This program is a way for you just to get a bunch of residents together at the beginning of the year to get to know each other. First you get the ice blocks and get everyone together. You go to the top of a steep and grassy hill. You […]

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I went online and pulled out 15 riddles, some easy, some nearly impossible. Then I posted them all over the floor on a Sunday night. The first resident to turn in all 15 answers by Friday, or the resident with the most correct answers on Friday, got a free pizza (donated after one phone […]

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Cocktail (movie) and Mocktails


Residents gathered and watched the movie Cocktail while enjoying “mock” drinks. We made things like virgin strawberry daqueris and pina coladas. This was used as an alternative to going out and drinking and as an educational program.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Blender, ice, frozen drink mixes, snacks, the movie Cocktail, cups, napkins

Other Considerations:

You might consider doing this on […]

By |March 13th, 2015|Categories: Life Skills, Program Ideas, Reviewed||1 Comment

Interracial Dating Coffee Chat


A small discussion with students and faculty members about interracial dating, especially on college campuses.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Need to have coffee and desserts provided by a catering service or yourself.

Other Considerations:

Try to get a professor or a professional who studies or has a great deal of knowledge on dating and interracial dating in particular. Try to […]

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The ABC’s of Dreams

Description: On your board make a big title that says DREAMS. I cut mine out in blue and glued the letters on yellow. Then use a dream dictionary (sometimes the library will have one) and for every letter of the alphabet pick out one thing and write it on construction paper with it’s meaning. […]

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Ways To Show You Care Bulletin Board

List of ways to show others you care about them:


suppport them through difficult times
do things that they like to do
spend time with them
attend sports and performance events in which they are a participant
call them for no reason
be happy to see them
check on them when they are sick
be honest
remember their birthday
give hugs
leave them surprises
be honest […]

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Hate On Trial


watched a show I recorded on discovery channel about the murder in Waco texas and conducted a educational program with discussion afterwards.
Nef, Delhi College, NY

Instructions/Things Needed:

A Television, recorded program


Name: Nef
School: SUNY Delhi College of Tech

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Sobriety Saturday

Name: Matthew W
School: Syracuse University


In order to do this program, there must be a way to filter all incoming residents through the same point. In our case, the RSA security desk directed students to a “sobriety field test.” 3 RA’s were stationed around the lounge at 3 different tests. First came ABC’s where residents […]

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