Description: The goal of Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood is to create a community. Participants are assigned an I.D. tag with one of the following labels: African-American, Native-American, Latino/Latina, Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Jewish/Women/Disabled/Caucasian. Each participant is asked to please go to their designated area on the floor (areas are designated according to i.d. tags). At each area there will be a number of supplies. Each of the groups will have a specified amount of money, paper, and markers. (Note: The Caucasian group will have 3 times the amount of money, paper, and markers given to the other groups-do not say this to the participants). At this time the participants hear the rules of the game. A) Your task is to build a community with the supplies in front of you. Your community must consist of at least 4 homes, 1 school, 1 spiritual building, and 1 hospital. The first community to finish wins the game. B) In order for you to do any building you must first obtain a building permit at the Office of the Building Authority. C) You may not leave your community without the permission of a member of the Sheriff. D) When you are traveling in Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood you must stay within the lines provided. E) Any violation of these or any other rules (the Sheriff makes and interprets the law) may result in arrest and incarceration. After the game has stopped the participants will take of their id. tags and get into a large group. The facilitators will ask questions to help process the activity. Sample Questions: a. How did you feel while you were playing the game? b. What things did you see happening? c. How did this game relate to our society? d. How are you feeling now?

Instructions_Things_Needed: Masking Tape, Markers, Pens, Paper (white and colored), Name Tags.

Name: Chanelle T. Cox
School: The University of Tampa
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