The RA job has an amazing number of “transferrable skills” that you will be able to apply in any career or job in your future!


Imagine going into a job interview and being able to confidently give clear and concise examples of your skills in planning, assessment, administration, counseling, conflict resolution, crisis management, facilities management, staff development, leadership training, public speaking, and many other valuable skills.

As you hopefully know, YOU CAN DO JUST THAT as an RA.

For those of you who are not looking for a job at this time, take some time to develop your resume NOW!

Some employers will actually hire a former RA over someone with equivalent experience who does not have an RA experience under their belt, BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU HAVE REAL WORLD SKILLS!

What about those employers who have never heard of the RA position? How do you communicate to them what valuable skills you developed as an RA? Here are some helpful hints on maximizing your RA experience when seeking employment:

THE RESUME – Obviously, the resume is the first impression you make on most employers, so a good description of the RA position is essential. For some examples, go to:

For more great resume resources on the web, check out:

THE INTERVIEW – I was recently helping someone prepare for a job interview, and as we went over sample interview questions, I kept on thinking about how each of the questions could be answered by referring to an example of my experience as an RA! Look at sample interview questions and think about how your RA experience relates. What skills have you gained or developed in your time as an RA? You can find some great job searching tips, along with sample interview questions at’s career website:

ON THE JOB – Your experiences as an RA can benefit you in any job position. You have experience working with a diverse population of people, working with a team, planning, problem solving, and acting as a resource. These skills can be maximized if you recognize them and intentionally develop them now. Take some time to come up with a list of “transferable skills” from your RA experience.

Best of luck in your job searches, both now and in the future. Whether you are seeking a career in business management or social work, you can be assured that you have “an edge” because of your RA experience.

Dan Oltersdorf

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The RA job has an amazing number of "transferrable skills" that you will be able to apply in any career or job in your future! This page is intended to help you leverage this experience during job interviews and on your resume. Sample RA Resume…

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