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Turkey Toss

 Erin Heasley
School:  Westminster College
email:   heasleem@westminster.edu


To take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday as a great opportunity for my hall to get together, I came up with a fun activity to precede our Thanksgiving dinner.  I wrapped a 11 pound turkey in plastic wrap (to protect it) and took my hall out to the quad of our campus right around dinner time.  Everyone had a chance to toss the turkey onto the quad.  The women stuck a marker into the ground where their toss landed.  The furthest toss took the bird as a prize!  Then we all went to the dining hall to eat a thanksgiving meal together. 

Instructions/Things Needed:

Advertise well in advance(some residents even told their parents to not buy a turkey in case they won!)

A large turkey

Plastic wrap (I used the whole roll to protect the bird)

Pencils (with residents name on them)

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