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What's In A Name? Door Tags 


Look up your residents names on the Internet, or get one of those books that
that has names and what they mean. Then have your residents make their own door tags with their names and what they mean.  This program worked great, and the residents loved creating their own door tags. 

Instructions/Things Needed:

To do this program you need: 
construction/heavy colored paper
fun markers
book/list w/names & meanings
may also need:
magazines-to make collages on them

Other Considerations:

Residents from different floors may also come to the meeting, so you may want to be prepared for names other than your floor.  Also have extra paper,in case
they mess up, and lots of markers!  And have fun!

Name:    Jennifer Redden
School:  Framingham State College
email:   jenr19@yahoo.com

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