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Modeling Success

The "UC" Runway: Modeling Success
Life Planning


Fashion Show for Choosing Professional Attire for Interviewing:
Students model attire Local clothing stores/retailers loan or donate clothing

Use career services staff to help make recommendations for clothings selections and prepare show script

Have student leaders or career services staff "mc" the event

Provide advertisements and info. about retailers in advertising and on the wall decor. at the event

Instructions/Things Needed:

Use popular area on campus, preferably with some type of
stage or raised flooring for "runway"--best to have chairs
surrounding "runway" in U-shape like modeling actual shows.

Other Needs:
Donations/sponsorship from retailers
Models (male and female preferably)
Sound System/Microphone of good quality
PR: all campus PR outlets you can possibly use (radio, newspaper, flyers, butcher-paper signs, announcements in upper-classmen focused classes by faculty, announcements/information to student organizations---can get models from here as well as attendees)
Thank you notes/appreciation gifts to retailers
Decorations for Fashion Show

Other Considerations:
Haven't completed this program yet!

Name: Angela Davis
School: University of Charleston
email: adavis@uchaswv.edu

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