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Women at work - Bulletin Board and Door Tags


Each resident filled out a sheet stating her goals for the semester. I
collected the sheets and put them up on a bulletin board with a big
orange "CAUTION" sign and a big orange "WOMEN AT WORK" sign.

Instructions/things needed:
*orange construction paper
*computer and printer (or marker if you want to do it by hand)

It was a little tricky to do the big signs on the printer, but I played
with the margins and got it to work for the smaller "WOMEN AT WORK"
sign. I had to letter the large "CAUTION" sign by hand. Otherwise, this
is a super easy board to do!

Things to consider:

I also did matching door decorations and had a hall construction theme
(which was appropriate since our quad was under construction at the
time). I printed each resident's name on an orange square so that it
looked like a caution sign.

Name: Sonja Likness
School: UNC at Chapel Hill
Email: sonja_likness@unc.edu

Bulletin Board

Door Decs

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