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Leap Into Your Freshman Year!

Description: This works best for a freshman unit, although you can use it with upperclassmen. The point of this program and/or bulletin board is to give freshman advice from last year's freshman (the freshman you had last year who are now sophomores).

Instructions: Using frog cutouts (you can also use butterflies or kites and call it "Fly into Freshman Year"), have each of your current freshman/residents write one piece of advice they would give incoming freshman. If using this as a program, put the frogs (butterflies or kites) in a jar and when you get your new residents the following year, open the jar at your first unit meeting. Have each new resident pick out a frog from the jar and read it aloud to the rest of the unit. If using this idea as a bulletin board, which I did, staple each frog with advice to the bulletin board the following year so the incoming freshman have some words of wisdom from (now) upperclassmen.

Other Considerations: Make sure to tell your current residents to keep their advice appropriate and respectful...meaning no bad language or deragatory phrases.

Jordan Meyer
Butler University


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