Institutions vary on their pet policies for live in or live on staff. This page is aimed at providing some useful information about policies at various institutions. In addition to reading the posts from the listserves that I’ve put here, be sure to check out Rich Horowitz’s Live in/on Report. It’s a pretty amazing collection of research on institutions. In addition to pet policies, you’ll find everything from salaries to professional development information.

Rich Horowitz also compiled several pet policies and proposals and submitted them to be posted on the site. He is an excellent person to contact for assistance on this topic. Here are some samples he provided:

Conserve School Pet Policy

IA State Pet Policy

Kutztown University Staff Apartment Pet Guidelines (MS Word)

Pet Policy (School Unknown) MS Word

Xavier Pet Policy (MS Word)

Pet Registration Form at Conserve School (MS Word)


Proposal & Policy for Colorado State University (MS Word)
*Note, this was approved… see the excellent article on pet policies by Wendy Wallace

Another Proposal (MS Word)

Successful Permissive Pet Policy Proposal – Excellent guidelines and template (MS Word)

Pet Policy Proposal – West Virginia University (MS Word) (this proposal was also adopted successfully)


Listserv Discussions

This link leads to a document with discussions from listserves on this topic. There are some useful posts with additional information and opinions on the matter.