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Make S’more Friends

Posted by: Peyton Frank
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Encourage residents to Make S'more Friends - give each suite or room a box filled with either marshmallows, chocolate bars, or graham crackers. Residents have to go meet a few of their neighbors…

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October Planning Guide

Posted by: RA.com Admin
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This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the Residentassistant.com. For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information.…

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Roommate Game (Complete program with flyers)

Posted by: RA.com Admin
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Program Title: "The Roommate Game" or "The Newly Roommie Game" Description: This program is done in a game show format. It is inspired by the show "The Newlywed Game," this…

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted by: RA Contributor
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This board is composed of a 10 page MS Word Doc with great content and an excellent layout. Description: I used the premade bullentin board on Breast Cancer found on this…

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