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Ice Breakers | Self-introduction Exercise

SELF INTRODUCTION EXERCISE: The objective of this exercise is for members of the team to become acquainted with one another to work more effectively as a team.  Each individual needs to complete the paragraph below and then, if they feel comfortable disclosing, may be asked to share answers with the rest of the group.


Hello, my name is __________.  I am ____ years old and I am majoring in ________.  My hometown is ______________ and I really ________ it there because ______________.  I always dreamed that someday I would ________________, and that dream has ______ true.  I feel __________ about it now!  Some things I like to do include ______________.  There are many things I am good at and one of them is ______________.  I did a really interesting thing once and that was ____________.  My family consists of ______________.  If I could change one thing about myself it would be _____________.  Still, I am really glad to be here right now because ______________.  I would really like to get together with anyone who be interested in _________________.  The one thing I want to be remembered for is _______________.  As far as future plans are concerned, I hope to be ________________ someday.

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