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If you would like to submit an advice column to be published on this site or in the newsletter, please submit your article here. It should be between 500 and 1,500 words on a topic you feel is relevant to RAs and Residence Life staff members. (some suggested topics)

General RA Advice | Building Community | Resident Issues | Personal and Professional Growth and Development | Responding to Critical Issues | Staff Issues 

General RA Advice:

ABCs for RAs
Suggestions and Advice for RAs, from A to Z!

Beat the Senior RA Slump!
Advice for returning RAs on how to thrive in their position as a senior RA.

Being an RA Should Be Fun!
Have fun in this job!  Advice from RA to RA.

Common RA Mistakes
Read a compilation of Common RA mistakes that you can avoid!

Confidentiality - Treating Your Residents With Respect
Respecting your residents' rights to confidentiality is very important!

Duty Calls
Things to consider when on duty.

Hopes of an RA
This is a great poem about what an RA is!

How to balance being an RA with academic obligations
Balance is a key to success!  How is balance achieved?  Find out what other RAs are saying.

Just Another Day - RA Poem

One key to RA Success
If you could pick one key to being a successful RA, what would it be?

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Tips on planning your semester and setting goals for success.

RA Success
In this interview with M. Lee Upcraft, learn some of the keys to success as an RA.

Resident or Friend?
How do you maintain the delicate balance between friend and RA?

Implementing Change on Your Campus
Article addresses the idea of RA unions, and presents some additional ideas for change.

"Top Ten" things every RA should know
Read the "top ten lists" from our panel of residence life professionals!

Your Job is to Care
Never forget you are not a professional counselor.  That's not your job.  Read advice from a former RA who is a now a counselor.

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Building Community:

Back from break
Things to keep in mind after coming back from winter break.

Building Community Advice Article
Excellent and comprehensive article on building community in a residential environment.

Community Contract
This activity is a great way to set ground rules for the semester

Promoting floor unity
Tips from other RAs on building community on your floor.

Removing Barriers:
Expanding Your Community Beyond Your Floor

Starting the second semester right
Tips on coming back strong for the second semester.

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Resident Issues:

Alcohol and Drug abuse
Unfortunately, substance abuse is a reality.  Hear how other RAs deal with this issue

Eating Disorders
Understanding eating disorders and knowing what to do about students who are struggling with them.

Promoting Health and Wellness
Karen Levin Coburn, co author of "Letting Go - A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years," answers questions on this important topic.

Roommate Conflict! (4)
Articles on roommate conflict and mediation, including a roommate agreement form.

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Personal Growth and Development:

Are you taking care of YOU?
If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of others!

Leading by Listening
8 tips on listening from Professor Joe Martin. (RealWorld University)

Qualities of Effective Leaders
Strong leadership characteristics.  How do you measure up.  Article by Professor Joe Martin. (RealWorld University)

RA Resume Resources!
Tips on putting your RA experience on a resume, as well as general resume resources.

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Responding to Critical Issues:

Coping with Loss - Thoughts on 9/11 and Other Loss Experiences - Dr. Will Keim
What are keys to coping with loss? What should you know about grieving?

Confronting negative behavior!
What are the keys to remember when making confrontations with residents who are violating policy?

Critical incidents: Response and Reaction
Unfortunately, crises happen.  Read some tips on effectively reacting to critical incidents.

Dealing with the death of a resident
Advice from an RA who has been through it.

Dealing with the suicide of a resident
How to take care of yourself and your community in this 

Facing Tough Situations
What's the toughest situation you have dealt with as an RA, and what did you do?

Suicide information
Information on dealing with the issue of suicide.

Thoughts about Depression and Suicide
Thoughts from a student's  personal experience who has experienced depression.

How I dealt with a suicide attempt in my floor community

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Staff Issues

Staff Recognition and Encouragement

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We are always looking for residence life professionals and student staff who want to submit articles!    Please check out the topics listed below and consider writing a short (500 - 1,500 word) informational article as a resource for RAs!  Thanks!  Submit your article here.

- Assertiveness
- Creativity
- Problem solving
- People skills
- How to deal with residents that consistently cause problems in an effective manner
- Ethical issues that face RA's
- How to be an RA and be yourself

- Helping someone who has suffered a tragedy
- Sexual Assault
- Health Problems
- Racism
- G.L.B.T Issues
- Hate Crimes
- Personal Growth and Effectiveness
- Being an RA should be fun!
- Relationships
- Helping Skills
- Active Listening

If you have an article or topic suggestion, please email it to me!

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